The basic components of the stage sound system are these

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The basic components of the stage sound system are these

The foundation of the stage sound system is divided into four parts: program source equipment, signal expansion and processing equipment, transmission path and speaker system.

Program source equipment: The program source is generally shown by equipment such as radio broadcasts, laser record players and recording decks, in addition to microphones, electronic musical instruments, etc.


Signal expansion and processing equipment: including mixers, pre-expanders, power expanders and various control panels and speaker production equipment. The most important of these devices is signal expansion, followed by signal selection. Mixing consoles and pre-expanders have similar effects and influence (the role and performance parameters of natural mixers are higher). Their basic elements are signal selection and external expansion. In addition, they also confide in the negative sound and The sound quality opens a variety of adjustments and operations. Sometimes in order to quickly turn on the frequency balance and sound quality cleaning, in addition to independent capital investment in the legend equalizer. These are the "monitoring centers" for all broadcast sound systems. The power expander turns on the signal sent by the pre-expander or the mixer to expand the power, and then promotes the sound of the speaker according to the coaxial cable.

Although the transmission route is simple, there are different rules as the system and transmission technology are different. For auditoriums, theaters, etc., because the distance between the power extender and the loudspeaker is very close, the immediate feed method with low resistance and large current is generally selected, and the coaxial cable is regulated with a dedicated speaker wire. For the public address system, because of the service area In order to reduce the cost of the transmission path, the high-voltage transmission technology is generally selected. Because the transmission current is small, the coaxial cable is not well regulated.

Speaker system: The speaker system requires all systems to be paired, and the selection of its location must be in line with reality. Auditoriums, theaters, and song towns have high sound quality and tone color rules, and speakers generally use high-power speakers; and public address systems, because they have not so high sound quality rules, generally use 3W-6W ceiling speakers.