Six common faults and solutions of stage audio

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1. The stage audio line should be connected according to the specification. In most cases, the common system AC interference sound is formed by the failure of the line connection process, and there are balanced to unbalanced and unbalanced to balanced connections in the system, which must be connected according to the specification, and do not use defective connectors.

2. Action loop processing. The post signal of the fader should be taken to prevent the microphone from whistling due to uncontrolled action, and return to conditionally occupy a channel, so that debugging is more convenient.

3. How to deal with the bass signal. One is to use the full-frequency signal directly to the amplifier to drive the speaker without electronic crossover, so that there is no sound and the unit will not be burned out, but the full-frequency sound of the low unit can be imagined. Obtaining signals from improper locations in the system will also cause unnecessary troubles for on-site control. Second, I don't know where to extract the bass signal from the system for processing.

Six common faults and solutions of stage audio

4. System level issue. One is that the power amplifier sensitivity control switch is not turned on enough, and the other is that the system does not make zero-level adjustment. Sometimes the output of the mixer channel is very large by pushing a little bit. This situation will affect the dynamics and distortion of the system.

5. The problem of signal distribution. In the case of several sets of speakers in the sound field, an equalizer is often used to distribute the signal to multiple amplifiers to push the speakers. But at the same time, it is also possible that different brands of power amplifiers and speakers are mixed together. This distribution of signals brings many problems, such as whether the impedance matches, whether the level distribution is balanced, whether the power obtained by the speakers is normal, and it is difficult to adjust well with an equalizer. The frequency characteristics of the sound field and speakers.

6. How to adjust the compressor problem. Common furnishings do not work well and are too counterproductive. The former can be used, and the latter will seriously affect the dynamics of the system, which is manifested as the sound can not be produced. The obvious performance is that the stronger the accompaniment sound, the natural weakening of the vocal and the singers are inconsistent.