How to deal with the sound of conference whistle These five methods can help you effectively solve it

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6 reasons that simply cause howling in conference speakers:

1. The speaker is too far away from the microphone, causing the sound to be light, and then increasing the sensitivity and volume of the microphone. Because of the restriction of the sound transmission gain, howling will also occur;

2. The position of the speaker device is not good. The speakers are placed in the two corners of the conference room. The announced sound is as high as the microphone. The direct sound or the sound reflected by the wall is easier to enter the microphone and produce howling;

3. The walls around the meeting room scene are made of plastic aluminum sheets and other materials to form a lubricating interface, and the sound reflection is strong. The strong reflected sound enters the microphone, and the system power amplifier expands to produce a positive reaction, causing howling;

4. The meeting room has a narrow scene space, poor sound wave diffusion, and simple reflection of sound wave into the microphone to cause howling;

5. The conference audio system is not equipped with a reaction suppressor, and a simple whistling occurs;

6. There is a peak on a certain frequency in the sound characteristics of the speaker, the microphone will keep receiving this peak, and the sound will keep playing back this peak. Many times a second, this peak will be infinitely expanded until the device Until damaged.

How to deal with the sound of conference whistle These five methods can help you effectively solve it

Effective ways to reduce howling episodes:

1. When installing speakers, change the floor-standing type to a hanging type or a wall-mounted type, and adjust the radiation angle of the speaker. It is advisable to use a wall-mounted speaker or a ceiling speaker;

2. In the meeting room scene, add sound-absorbing functions such as pendants, soft bags, etc., and draw heavy curtains, etc.;

3. Use excellent microphones and conference speakers. The sound characteristics of good conference room speakers and microphones have been tuned smoothly before they leave the factory, and their waveforms are excessively smooth and have small slopes. There will be no peaks in the narrow frequency band, and howling rarely occurs;

4. The conference audio is equipped with a reaction suppressor, and the parameters are adjusted;

5. The distance between the speaker's mouth and the microphone in the meeting room should be controlled within 15 cm, and the microphone should wear a blowout cover.

The above are five ways to effectively reduce howling. When buying conference speakers, don’t try to buy low-quality speakers that simply generate howling. The gains outweigh the losses.