How to configure outdoor stage sound

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1. The power of the outdoor stage sound system should be large enough: the outdoor sound field requires large enough power. Since the outdoor sound field needs to increase the sound pressure level of 3db, the power needs to be increased by 10 times, according to the formula 10logp2 /p1 = xdb, you can calculate the detailed value of the sound field.

2. Outdoor stage audio should be equipped with hoisting speakers: the orientation of outdoor stage audio speakers should not be placed too low. The sound waves of low-level speakers are simply absorbed by the audience's human body, causing glancing sound absorption, especially the high-frequency audio loss, so choose The speaker is installed by hoisting, mid-range or tweeter horns and outdoor special speakers (high-power tweeter horns are installed in the speakers), so that the sound waves of the speakers are radiated far apart in the air, so that the audience can get a satisfactory loudness.

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3. Select high-sensitivity mic: This can enhance the sound transmission gain of the mic, so that the audience can get a satisfying loudness. Outdoor performances often have a long distance between the MIC and the mixer, so it is better to choose a wireless MIC for sound pickup.

4. Maintain the power circuit by professional security personnel: The power of the speaker system comes from the power grid circuit. If the power circuit is faulty, the sound system will have problems. Therefore, the power circuit should be technically guaranteed by a local professional electrician. The entire line from the mixer to the indoor switch or temporary generator car should be maintained by special security personnel.

5. Maintaining the speaker cable: The distance between the outdoor performance power amplifier and the speaker is generally relatively long. In order to prevent the speaker wire from being broken and short-circuited and causing problems and damaging the power amplifier, it is necessary to have a dedicated person to maintain the speaker circuit. The output impedance of the power amplifier is very small. Only a few ohms, but the sound power is very large, so the current is also relatively large. The line interval is not easy to be too long, and the cut-off area should not be too small, so as to avoid unnecessary sound power loss. If possible, the power amplifier can be used. Place the speaker closer to the speaker to reduce unnecessary loss.

6. The sound engineer should keep in touch with the helper in the auditorium through the walkie-talkie: so that the sound engineer can grasp the sound effect of the auditorium more accurately and timely, so as to make timely adjustments.

Indoor and outdoor environmental conditions are different, and the stage audio equipment used is different. Therefore, when we equip the professional audio system, we must equip it according to the environment.