What are the advantages of wall-mounted professional audio

Time:2021-05-07 View:6403

Wall-mounted professional audio features: there is no speaker method, the flat art professional audio does not have a speaker, it is pronounced by arousing the zigzag wave in the sound board, it is a flat 180° sound, which is different from the 40°~90° sound of a traditional speaker. It makes it possible to hear harmonious and powerful dynamics from any position in the listening space, and the "emperor position" is everywhere.

The sound quality effect, the sound quality transmission sensitivity is extremely high, the directivity is wide, the sound field is evenly distributed, the sound quality is clearer, the transient response is good, the sense of depth is strong, and the sound principle makes the viewer sound "not up close, clear and dynamic in the distance I don't know where it comes from, but music is everywhere, completing the "no distance, all space" auditory enjoyment.

Strong practicability, because the latest high-tech materials are used, the professional audio picture has strong light perception, pleasing colors, simple and convenient, heat-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, intelligent, power-saving, environmentally friendly, and space-saving features, time and space The perfect combination allows you to "listen to a song and see a picture".

Characteristic decoration, buyers can freely choose the style and style of the product according to the decoration effect and space layout of the space they use, for example: calligraphy and painting, wedding photos, family pictures, etc.! The product adopts new technology, making the product ultra-thin (3cm). The combination of painting and sound is an excellent mix for home decoration.