KTV sound reinforcement system solution

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Program overview:

1. Room conditions: The rooms are all soft-packed and have serious high frequency absorption. The two-channel arrangement will cause excessive reverberation and poor sound atmosphere.

2. Functional requirements: Party A requires that it is a high-end club, and will not have pure HI functions, but it must ensure sufficient dynamics, and at the same time, the sound must be delicate and clear.

3. Regional style: In North China, guests like the sound with high frequency transparency and strong sense of envelopment, and the requirements for reverberation are sufficient.

4. Stability: Long-term high-power use requires sufficient power reserve and stability of the speaker amplifier.

5. Aesthetics: The hoisted speakers need to be in harmony with the overall style of the room.


System Features:

1. All digital pre-amplifiers are used to meet the requirements for multi-channel expansion and mixed reverberation.

2. The speaker design must have a sense of envelopment, so the small room uses a paper cone treble to ensure the diffusion angle and softness. In large rooms with large spaces, the treble transmission of the paper cone is not far enough, and the horn treble is used to ensure clarity.

3. There are a lot of equipment in medium and large rooms, use power sequencer to protect the equipment and simplify the operation.

4. The choice of low frequency is not the bigger the better, but the pursuit of balance with the full frequency.

5. Zhongda Room cooperates with electronic equalizer and digital processor to expand the scope of equipment debugging

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