KTV sound engineering

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KTV audio is different from other audio systems. KTV audio equipment is exquisite: the singer is comfortable and the listener is comfortable. KTV sound effect design includes five aspects: sound equipment configuration, private room decoration coordination, private room furniture selection, sound equipment installation, and sound equipment parameter setting. Here, I mainly explain the configuration of KTV audio equipment.


KTV sound engineering program

        1. The choice of KTV private room speakers is divided into main speakers and auxiliary speakers. The main evaluation of private room speakers is that the expressiveness of the human voice should be outstanding, and the sound phase should be right (listen to see if the human voice can be sent out, some speakers It will feel that the human voice is behind the cabinet), the music frequency response should be wide and dynamic. The choice of private room speakers should also be determined according to the consumption mode of the target consumer group. The consumption concept of karaoke consumers in big cities is relatively mature, and the classification of entertainment venues is relatively fine. Basically, K and HI can be ignored or less considered. Compatibility, ultimately depends on the market positioning of investors.

        2. The choice of microphone in the configuration of KTV audio equipment is very important. Karaoke microphones require durable mesh heads, abrasion-resistant grips, durable switches, and tough leads. These are the most basic requirements. The most important thing is that the karaoke microphones must not be so easy to feedback howling (flying marks), and must The human voice is specially optimized and enhanced to attenuate the extra low frequency and ultra-high frequency of the human voice, so that the middle and high frequency of the human voice is more prominent, that is, it is easier to make a sound.

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